Conference Chair

Professor Dr Jamilah Hj Ahmad, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Dr. Georgiana Grigore, University of Leicester, School of Business, UK

Professor Alin Stancu, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania

Universiti Sains Malaysia – Conference Committee

Conference Convener

Associate Professor Dr. Izzal Asnira Zolkepli

Associate Professor Dr Izzal Asnira Zolkepli attached to the School of Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia. She is renowned for her multidisciplinary research that delves into the dynamic convergence of digital communication, digital behaviour, and technology adoption. Beyond algorithms and data, her work unravels the human motivations and social intricacies influencing user engagement with the digital world. Dr Izzal's exploration extends to how users embrace or resist emerging technologies, focusing on social media platforms, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence. Her research lens captures the evolving relationship between technology and societal norms, shaping marketing strategies and communication practices. Recognized for exceptional contributions to the research field in Malaysia, Dr. Izzal is a recipient of the Malaysian Research Star Award (MRSA) by SCOPUS. Dr. Izzal's scholarly impact is evident through publications in reputable journals like Computers in Human Behaviour, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, and Journal of Marketing Communication. Actively contributing to academia, she serves on editorial boards for the Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration and the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Media and Communication. Beyond her academic achievements, Dr Zolkepli is actively engaged in the Malaysian Association of Communication Educators, holding the position of honourable secretary. Her commitment to advancing knowledge is further demonstrated through successful grant acquisitions from esteemed organizations such as the British Council, Malaysia Communications & Multimedia Commission, and the Ministry of Higher Education.

Conference Deputy Convener

Dr. Suriati Saad

Dr Suriati Saad is a senior lecturer in School of Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Her research areas include Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Public Relations, Marketing Communication, Social Media and Media Studies. Suriati has previously served the industry for 7 years working with multinational organisation before joining the university.

Conference committee

Dr. Mahadevan Khrisnan

Dr. Mahadevan Krishnan is a senior lecturer at the School of Communication, University Sains Malaysia. His research area encompasses Corporate Communication, Public Relations, Organizational Communication, communication on Sustainability and Brand Positioning. While Mahadevan’s is inclusive of more than a decade of organizational operations, he is a certified trainer by the Human Resource Ministry (PSMB).

Dr. Rehan Tariq

Dr Rehan Tariq is a lecturer at the School of Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia. His research interests include political communication, media technology, and advanced quantitative analysis.

Dr. Ng See Kee

Dr Ng See Kee is a lecturer at the School of Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Her research interests include media studies, online news, and media technology.

Dr. Nor Dayana Mohamad Noor  

Dr. Nor Dayana Mohamad Noor is a lecturer in the School of Communication at Universiti Sains Malaysia, where she specialises and conducts research on digital and new media, user experience (UX), educational technology, and visual and health communication. Prior to beginning her postgraduate studies, she had over ten years of full-time and freelance experience in instructional design, digital content creation, and technical writing for various multinational corporations.