Venue of the Conference

The 10th ICSR Conference will be held in Bucharest, Romania. Take a virtual tour of the university here.


Travel to Bucharest

In most of Bucharest, it is safe to walk alone at night. The city center has excellent lighting, and police cruisers operate as usual. Most neighborhoods are safe as well. 

How to get to Bucharest

By plane

There are many available flights to Bucharest. The low-cost and network airlines are hosted on the same airport Henri Coanda International Airport. For more information access:

By train

Romania is also well-connected to neighboring countries through its international railway routes. The duration of the journey may be longer, and occasional delays can occur. However, passengers have the opportunity to experience the cultural diversity of the region while enjoying the comfort of the train.

From airport to Bucharest city center

Bucharest’s Henri Coanda International Airport is located less than 17 km from the centre of the Romanian capital. It is Romania’s busiest airport. 

By bus

The easiest way to get to the Romanian capital is by bus No.783, which runs through the city centre. It also runs every 40 minutes at night (and every 20 minutes during the day). The fare is 3 lei (0,60 Euro). Please use google maps ( to plan your trip in Bucharest.

 The Bucharest Transport Company (STB SA) provides the passengers alternative options to pay the tickets:

  • by SMS, directly from the mobile device;
  • by the free app 24pay(there is no need to have a transport card);
  • by contactless bank card, directly at the validator (this product is currently available on Otokar, hybrid Mercedes Citaro, on night trams (1 and 10) and on tram 41 but it will be available also on other lines;

By train

In addition,  you can choose a train provides a fast connection between Henri Coandă Airport and Bucharest North Railway Station. Trains run 24 hours a day, every 40 minutes. The duration of the trip is approx. 20 minutes. The fare is 5 lei (1 EURO). 


Taxis are available at the airport but they are expensive. You can also travel using UBER or BOLT.


There are many hotels near Romana Square. 

The Duke Hotel (

Sheraton Hotel (

If you need advice for accommodation in Bucharest please do not hesitate to contact us.