The Palace of Parliament tour – 16th of September 2023


One of the most interesting places to visit in Bucharest is the Palace of Parliament. Also called the People’s House, during Ceausescu’s regime, this building is, in fact, a symbol of the old communist times, an extravagance if you want to put it that way. Thanks to its solid wood furniture, crystal chandeliers, impressive dimensions, huge marble columns and other carefully chosen interior design elements for each room, this palace is one of Bucharest’s most visited tourist objectives.


Building this multiple architectural building it took almost 10 years of hard work that brought together over 100,000 workers, more than 20,000 persons working 24 hours three shifts per day. Between 1984 and 1990, 12,000 soldiers took part in the construction works, as well. The building was erected with construction materials produced in Romania, amongst which: 1,000,000 cubic meters of marble, 550,000 tons of cement, 700,000 tons of steel, 2,000,000 tons of sand, 1,000 tons of basalt, 900,000 cubic meters of rich wood, 3,500 tons of crystal, 200,000 cubic meters of glass, 2,800 chandeliers, 220,000 sqm carpets, 3,500 sqm leather.

For its construction, all the foam models were made on a scale of 1/1000 presenting the entire Bucharest city, including the streets, plazas, buildings, houses and monuments, also with certain details. Some parts of the building, like stairs, for example, were made on a scale of 1/1! The Ceaușescu couple could not understand the architectural plans and this was the handiest plan for architects to show their plans. The couple was walking over the models on a rolling bridge, giving instructions. Every 7 days, the plans changed according to the new instructions given by the ruling couple.

In 1989, when the Revolution started, only 60% of the building was finalized. At that moment, giving the resentfulness of the population against the symbols of the past era, the demolition of the building was considered. Yet, following a business rationale, it was decided to complete the construction as it was cheaper than demolishing it. Thus, between the years 1992 and 1996, the construction started again.



In short, this is:

  • the largest administrative building (for civil use), as confirmed by the Guinness World Records Book
  • the 3rd place worldwide by its volume
  • the heaviest and the most expensive building in the world

With approximately 1000 rooms of which 440 are offices, more than 30 ballrooms, 4 restaurants, 3 libraries, 2 underground parking lots, 1 big concert room, 1 unfinished pool, and thousands of square meters in which no one knows what is happening, the Palace of Parliament offers you contradictory feelings every time you step on its doorstep.

Visiting rules

  • Access is permitted only with a valid national identity card (ID card or passport). No other forms of identification (driving licence, Social Security card etc.)
  • If you will come (also with your partner) please register for the tour at registration desk.
  • Due to security reasons there is no storage space or wardrobe available.
  • Due to security reason, please do not leave your luggage unattended!

Meeting point

We will meet at 10 o’clock in the corner. And the tour will start at 10.30. The meeting point is at the intersection of United Nations Boulevard with Liberty Boulevard (please see the print screen from google maps).

Directions to Palace of the Parliament (Bucuresti) with public transportation

The following transit lines have routes that pass near Palace of the Parliament

Bus:104, 117, 123, 136, 361, 385

  • Metro:M1, M3

The best way to reach People’s Palace is by using the metro and stop at IZVOR STATION. Then you have 400 m walk to cross the park and reach the meeting point.


Prof. univ. dr. Alin Stancu,, tel.004 0729.199.399

You can download the information (with maps) about The Palace of Parliament tour