Keynote speaker – Travlos Nickolaos

TravlosDean, The Kitty Kyriacopoulos Chair in Finance B.Sc.,

University of Athens; M.B.A., M.Phil.; Ph.D., New York University

Dr. Travlos has teaching and research interests in the areas of Corporate Finance, Financial Analysis, Financial Markets, Banking, Mergers and Acquisitions. Prior to ALBA he taught at Boston College, City University of New York (Baruch College), New York University (L. Stern School of Business) and University of Piraeus (1990-1998), where he served as Chairman of the Department of Banking and Financial Management (1993-1997) and MSc Director (1997-1998). Also, he held the position of Distinguished Senior Research Fellow at Cardiff Business School (U.K.), 1998-2007.

Dr Travlos' research has been published in leading academic journals such as Journal of Finance; Journal of Accounting Research; Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis; Financial Management; Journal of Financial Research; Pacific-Basin Finance Journal; European Financial Management; Managerial and Decision Economics; Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance; Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance; Journal of Multinational Financial Management; Multinational Finance Journal; Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics; Journal of Applied Financial Economics; Corporate Review, Icfai University Journal of Corporate Governance, etc. The research findings of Dr. Travlos have been cited widely in numerous international academic journals and text-books, while managerial implications of his research have appeared in the Harvard Business Review, and in the Bowne Review for CFOs & Investment Bankers. Several of his published papers have been included in international books of readings, and are cited in numerous international text books.

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